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  • Energreen produces professional machines that are characterized by great performances, technological innovation, versatility and comfort. They are designed and built completely within the new Energreen factories, equipped with modern laser-cutting plants and welding robots. Finally, to ensure high quality possible, we run extensive tests on all our products. During the projecting stage, great importance is given to pleasure and safety at work, in order to put the operator in a comfortable and safe position. All this has contributed to register several international patents, making these machines unique within their type.

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  • Energreen machinery includes 4 divisions: Robo, ILF Self-propelled machines, Winter Division and Professional Equipment. The range of machines includes 5 models of “Robo” remote-controlled equipment carrier machines for slopes, 5 models of “ILF” Hydrostatic Self-propelled machines, equipped with a telescopic arm up to 17 m, both designed to work in the field of green maintenance along roads, forests, rivers, embankments, canals, etc.

    Moreover, we produce several Professional Equipment to complete our machines.


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    Annual increase of the turnover +20%

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    45.000 m2

    Total area of the factory

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    3 branches: France, Germany and Russia

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    We export in 20 countries in Europe

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    We export in 15 countries in the World



  • Energreen was among the pioneer companies in this innovative field, designing an entire range of machines. From 2011 it is on the market with the machine RoboGREEN, by specializing in an emerging and demanding field. Energreen has created, internally, a technical division specialized in the design of these type of machines, built to work on slopes along roads, highways, embankments, hardly accessible lands or swampy areas, and on all those situations where it is difficult to work with traditional means, including forest environments. Now, the range is composed by 5 different machines, built to provide to the customers different solutions to face the various exigencies of work and equipped with a wide range of equipment expressly designed to be applied and used by these equipment carrier machines.

    We are focused on safety: the machine allows the operator not to be exposed to dangers related to work activities like noise, vibrations, exposure to exhaust gas, overturning of the machine, accidental throwing of materials, etc.

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  • Energreen has started its activity in the field of the maintenance of roadsides, water systems, and rivers basins. It has developped a range of machines specialized in the field, trying to introduce an innovative way of working. This was possible thanks to a methodical and steady attention to our customers and their needs; we are always trying to offer them a product that could respond to this.

    Therefore, Energreen has developed over the years machines that are specific and specialized for this field, to follow and satisfy the needs of the customers, always under a constant mutation and evolution. We are focused on INNOVATION, in order to introduce, in a regular way, new functions, security devices or equipment that lead to better performances of our customers’ machines. A continuous study in order to employ innovative solutions to provide always the best solutions to the customers.

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  • Energreen focused its activities in the production of MULTI-FUNCTIONAL machines offering a toll for almost every challenge. However, to be able to ensure the maximum speed of engagement / release or operating performance, Energreen has developed a range of dedicated professional equipment. The selection of equipment (bucket cutter, loppers, straddle, etc.)  has been made using the experience gained within this field, adopting the best solutions to provide the best performances. The goal of Energreen is providing clients with a complete range of machines, all equipped with useful tools characterized by RELIABILITY, PERFORMANCE and SAFETY.

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