Delivery ILF S1500 to Social Cooperative Giotto

Delivery ILF S1500 to Social Cooperative Giotto

Social Cooperative Giotto, through an articulated process of growth started in the ‘80s, is one of the most important companies that deals with green maintenance in Veneto, serving public administrations, hospitals, cities, districts, municipal companies, land improvement consortia, but also privately owned companies. To better fulfil these services, in 2016, the cooperative Giotto has decided to purchase an Energreen ILF S 1500 France 11 m.

This is a hydrostatic self-propelled machine with a 155 HP engine, equipped with an arm articulated in 3 parts and a 180° rotating cutting head, 4 steering wheels and frontal Raiber.

The maximum length of 11 metres of the arm allows to the operators of Giotto to work easily along roads, embankments of rivers and watercourses.

The possibility to rotate the cabin in the direction of the cutting head allows a visibility that is very higher than that of the traditional machines; so there is an increasing of the safety at work and a reduction of stress for the operator.

Welcome to Cooperative Giotto in the Energreen world!

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