• 1980

    The origin

    Our story begins in 1980 in Orgiano, in the historic building of Via Teonghio. The Fraron brothers, Ivo and Lino, with the help of their father Antonio, found a artisan firm of carpentry.

  • 1986


    After the enlargement of the historic factory, the company grows and ranks among the leading companies of metal sheet manufacturing in the northeast of Italy, equipping itself, in 1986, with the first laser cut plant with movable structure.

  • 1995


    The innovation policy, which has always been a cornerstone of our company, continues with the installation of modern production facilities, with supporting computer systems, robotic welding, and all what could be provided by the technology of that time.

  • 1997


    In 1997, the company needs to expand. Indeed, it was transferred to Cagnano di Pojana Maggiore, in a much wider area, continuing to grow thanks to technologies and highly qualified staff.

  • 1999

    The idea

    The new millennium opens the way to a new idea: the project and the creation, in the new factory, of machines for green maintenance. This was the birth of Energreen.

  • 2005

    International patents

    ILF (Ivo Lino Fraron) Professional grass cutting machines, a patent originated by a design focused on customers’ needs. Afterwards, Energreen will register several international patents.

  • 2010

    The birth of Robo

    In 2010, there was the birth of the brand Robo: professional remote-controlled machines, designed to work on slopes up to 55° and on hardly accessible lands, avoiding dangers related to these works to the operators.

  • 2014

    The birth of Winter Division

    The new range of equipment Winter Division was born to satisfy the several exigencies in the field of winter traffic. It includes snow blades, snow blowers, salt spreaders and brine spreaders.

  • 2015

    Branches France, Germany and Russia

    Energreen opens new branches in France and Germany, strengthening its sales network in Europe. Afterwards, Energreen opens a new branch also in Russia, expanding its borders on international markets as well.

  • 2016

    A steady growth

    Nowadays, Energreen offers 4 product lines: Robo (Remote-Controlled Machines), ILF Self-propelled machines, Winter Division and Professional Equipment, all Professional products satisfying the highest quality standards.