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The Energreen ILF S1500 is the professional choice for every application and represents an European high technological product in the market of the green spaces maintenance thanks to its excellent work performances, operative versatility and safety.


The Energreen ILF S1500 is the result of a total break with the traditional manufacturing philosophy adopted in the machines field. We have always seen traditional agricultural tractors which were modified or adapted in order to install the ventral or rear arms with consequent limitations during work. In effect, ILF S1500 is a completely new machine, designed ex novo in order to work for the maintenance of green areas along roads, motorways and river banks, with the result of maximum efficiency and safety. It represents the possibility to overcome the limitations deriving from the use of tractors designed for other uses.


Designed to meet the strict requirements necessary for FOPS-ROPS tests in terms of safety, the Energreen ILF S1500 cabin has been developed to avoid the risks of overturning and objects fall. The cabin is adequately soundproof and equipped with an efficient air-conditioning system and all the necessary requirements in order to guarantee to the operator a completely safe and comfortable environment. The cabin rotation permit to cut the grass in both senses of direction, without having to maneuver the machine with considerable working times and costs reduction. The rotated cabin allows to keep always the body posture in the correct way, avoiding stress, backache and stiff neck.


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The machine is equipped of four steering wheels with three steering types: 2 steering wheels, 4 steering wheels and crab steering, choosing it by pressing a switch. During the transfers on the road the machine maneuverability is maintained by the blocking of the rear wheels, allowing the steering only through the front wheels (pic. 1). In the most difficult working situations, the four steering wheels (pic. 2) permit to pass the most bow-streets  on the top of the banks or through the most difficult ways, where a traditional tractor equipped with an arm needs to maneuver three or four times. The machine Energreen ILF S1500 gives to the operator the possibility to work more comfortably and efficiently. The crab steering modality (pic. 3) can be essential to come out in hard situations, like moving away from a dike, a channel or any other obstacle.

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    ILF R1500 is for the MOST DEMANDING EXPERTS. The new machine ILF R1500 with telescopic arms is the most versatile, as it has a very sturdy arm, to be able to safely use each type of equipment, available in three models of extension, and configured with a wide range of accessories and optional equipment for the most demanding specialist.

    MODELS: • ILF R1500 – 8 meters • ILF R1500 – 10 meters • ILF R1500 – 12 meters