• Power Shears is a professional branch cutting bar with automatic anti-seizing mechanism and high pressure valve. The bar is used for pruning hedges, shrubs and small plants up to a maximum diameter of 12 cm. Power Shears features a robust steel frame with high wear resistance and two steel comb blades one of which is movable. They perform a precise and clean cut of the branch. It is available in two working lengths: 155 and 220 cm. The tool is designed to be fitted, with professional hydraulic systems, to the arms of all Energreen ILF machines.

    Technical sheet

Technical data Power Shears 155 Power Shears 220
Working width 155 cm 220 cm
Cutting max. diameter 12 cm 12 cm
Hydraulic flow min/max 40-55 l/min 40-55 l/min
Weight 200 Kg 230 Kg