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  • Stump Grinder is a professional tool designed to remove tree stumps by means of a rotating cutting disc with an oscillating arched movement. The stumps and logs are shredded in order to allow the mixing of the woody parts with the ground.

    Technical sheet

Technical data Stump Grinder
Width 80 cm
Height 72 cm
Depth 124 cm
Cutter disc diameter 47 cm
Working width 110 cm
No of teeth 16
Tooth diameter 24,5 mm
Oil pressure Max 250 bar
Oil flow 50-75 lt/min.
Weight 250 kg
Ø trunk 40 cm / 7 min.
Ø trunk 65 cm / 18 min.
Ø trunk 105 cm / 45 min.

The data are based on trunks with a height of 15 cm milled and buried up to 15 cm.