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Raiber Discovery 840 is a guardrail mower with independent hydraulic transmission system. The equipment can be applied using the DIN plate to all vehicles for road maintenance. It is particularly suitable for our ILF self propelled range and Unimog vehicles equipped with all the necessary requirements for this application. In some new generation vehicles, it can be controlled using the vehicle’s standard commands, simply by bringing the equipment cables into the cabin and connecting them to the control panel. The equipment is built with a sturdy tubular frame and provided with two arms which open to overcome road guard rails, cables, steel, fences, road signs, etc. It is able to simultaneously cut from both sides and below the obstacle with a cut width of about 150 cm. The equipment allows a front mowing on the right side of the vehicle.

  • two mowing discs - raiber discovery 840 - professional equipment - energreen professional machines


    The two mowing discs allow the machine to operate safely and effectively. The rotary element is equipped with 2 articulated blades that are able to absorb the force of any collisions with standing obstacles, preventing damages on the hydraulic engine. A central neutral disc, which rests on the ground, enables the machine to cut following the contour of the terrain. The upper disc, equipped with an external rubber protection, can move around the vertical guardrail posts, automatically operating the spring that opens the elements so that the blades can cut all the grass present.

  • opening 180° - raiber discovery 840 - professional equipment - energreen professional machines

    OPENING 180°

    The great versatility and working speed of the machine partly depend on the possibility of opening the external arm 180°, permitting a fast and easy positioning and, most of all, enabling the machine to continue mowing with the internal disc while the external one, by lifting up, can pass over road or advertising signs that may be present along the way, while automatically interrupting the rotation of the blades.

dimensions - raiber discovery 840 - professional equipment - energreen professional machines

Technical data Raiber Discovery 840
(A) Height 197 cm
(B) Width 210 cm
(C) Depth 160 cm
Cutting width 150 cm
Parallelogram movement 87 cm
Discs diameter 80 cm
Power required 85 Hp
Absorved power 1000 PTO 45 Hp - 33 Kw
Max. knives speed 3000 rpm
Mounting interface Plate DIN 5 - EN15436-F1
Plate DIN 3 - EN15436-F2
Discs motor capacity 90 l/min
Movements capacity 20 - 25 l/min
Pressure 180 bar
Electrical system 24 V
Weight 700 Kg

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