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ENERGREEN was among the pioneers of this innovative sector, creating a whole range of machines. Since 2011 Energreen has been in the market with the machine RoboGREEN specializing in a demanding and emerging industry. ENERGREEN has created an internal technical division specializing in the design of these types of machines made to work on slopes along roads, highways and land difficult to reach or swampy areas, and on all those situations hardly feasible with traditional means including forest areas.

Now the range consists of four different machines, designed to offer to your customers different solutions in order to address the different needs of work and equipping themselves to a wide range of equipment designed to be implemented and managed by these machines. These machines are designed to operate on slopes and hard to reach areas, allowing the operator to steer to the distance from the middle position with absolute safety.

SAFETY is our FOCUS: the machine does not directly exposes the operator to the risks caused by work such as noise, vibration, exposure to exhaust fumes, vehicle overturning, projection of materials, etc.