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RoboECO is a remote-controlled machine conceived to cut grass and weeds,  in any working environment.  Its peculiar design concept,, the low barycenter, the track edges shaped to operate in very bumpy areas still maintaining the greatest traction, special engine oil pan which allows the prolonged use of the machine, in declivity conditions in any direction, up to 50°. It is equipped with a diesel 33 HP engine, fully adequate to use at best the 130 cm shredder attached. More, you can apply other equipments, to make the machine as multifunction.


Special tracks profile, low barycenter, special engine oil pan, wide raising of the cutting head allow an extreme use of the machine. Flail head, 1300 mm large, provide a higher finish in each condition, thanks to “Y” or hammer blades and to the mobile head, to accurately follow the soil profiles,  thus increasing the manoeuvrability speed.


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    The remote control is light, intuitive and easy to master.

    150 meters range. Two joysticks grant a precise control of the steering movement and the height of the flail head.  The commands arranged in a simple and intuitive way allow to immediately familiarize with the machine and employ it at its utmost potential.  It is possible to customize the speed controls and steering in order to satisfy at best the customer needs.

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  • Technical data RoboECO
    Maximum gradient 50°
    Transmission Hydrostatic
    Low range speed 0 - 4.3 mph / 0 - 7 km/h
    Controls 434 Mhz - 150 m - 500 ft
    Machine weight 1918 lb / 870 kg
  • Technical data Engine
    Make Yanmar
    Type 3 Cylinders Diesel
    Power 33 hp / 24 kw
    Fuel tank 5,5 gal / 21 liters
    Working RPM 3000 rpm


  • Cutting head

  • Rotary mower

  • Cutter bar

  • Brush

  • Snow blade

  • Land blade


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