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Energreen is proud to announce RoboPOWER, our remote-controlled mower that is able to reach also the most difficult areas.


RoboPOWER was born to satisfy the most different needs, therefore it can be defined a MULTIFUNCTIONAL remote-controlled machine characterized by power and performances and can be easily compared to a traditional tolls carrier tractor for forestry, agricultural or industrial use. The fundamental features that distinguish this machine from any other robot are power, reliability, stability, high performances and versatility.



RoboPOWER is designed to work in hard and dusty environments. Furthermore, the machine is equipped with a fan with FAN-DRIVE system controlled by an electrical control unit. This system allows to adjust the fan speed in order to guarantee the correct temperature of the engine in any working condition. At the same time, it is possible to invert the rotation direction through a drive placed on the remote control which permits to blow away residues and dust that could deposit, improving the radiator efficiency with the result of fuel saving.


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    The remote control is light, intuitive and easy to use.

    The remote control with 3 joysticks allows the operator to manage both machine starting and use of the accessories (front and rear). The drives which are placed in easy and intuitive way permit to become quickly familiar with the machine and to work immediately thanks also to the possibility to customize the speed and steering controls in order to satisfy fully the operator’s needs.

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RoboPOWER is designed to be a multifunctional tools carrier resulting to be a machine suitable for various sectors and activities. The standard equipment includes a rear mechanic PTO 1000g/min complete of four double-acting hydraulic functions, which is totally managed by the remote control unit. The rear PTO has two senses of rotation (clockwise and counter-clockwise) in order to get the maximum flexibility for the accessories application. Moreover in the standard equipment, RoboPOWER is delivered with n° 2 hydraulic double-acting services and an service electric plug 12. The machine has also n° 4 working lights (both on the front and on the rear sides) in order to allow the maximum visibility on the working area in any different environments.



  • Technical data RoboPOWER
    Maximum gradient 45°
    Transmission Hydrostatic
    Low range speed 0 - 2.7 mph / 0 - 4.4 km/h
    High range speed 0 - 4.9 mph / 0 - 8 km/h
    Machine weight 10141 lb / 4600 kg
  • Technical data Engine
    Brand Deutz - John Deere
    Type 4 Cylinders Diesel
    Power 140 hp - 173 hp
    Fuel tank 33 gal / 125 liters
    Working RPM 2200 rpm


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