Energreen, thanks to its decade of experience in the technical manufacturing, designs and creates machines for the green maintenance,
helping its customers to take care of the environment around them.

Keeping in mind the ancient bond between humans and nature, Energreen does not forget the safety and the quality of its professional products,
constantly seeking the new market needs, to better satisfy them.

Through three ranges of products – Robo, ILF and Professional Equipment
Energreen wants to be the reference point for industry professionals, with a complete, multifunction and quality offer.

Remote-controlled Tool-carriers



The Robo range of professional remote-controlled machines
has been designed putting on the first place the working performance, keeping high safety standards.

Different for dimensions and power, these radio-controlled machines can be equipped with a wide range of tools:
cutting or forestry head, snow blower or snow blade, stump grinder, trencher and many more accessories are available to meet different working needs.

The main feature of these remote-controlled tool-carriers is the ability of working on steep slopes,
still preserving the grass or the soil, thanks to the oscillating movement of the tracks and the hydraulic system,
thus distinguishing themself for quality and efficiency.

robomini - radiocontrolled mower - energreen professional machines
logo robomini - remote radio-controlled tool carrier - energreen professional machines
roboevo - radio controlled tools carrier - radio controlled tracked mulcher slopes - energreen professional machines
logo roboevo - remote radio-controlled tool carrier - energreen professional machines
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robomidi - radio controlled tools carrier - energreen professional machines
logo robomidi - remote radio-controlled tool carrier - energreen professional machines
robomax - forestry mulcher - energreen professional machines
logo robomax - remote radio-controlled tool carrier - energreen professional machines
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Self-Propelled Hydrostatic Machines

Self-Propelled Hydrostatic Machines


Innovative, efficient, and technologically advanced: they are the self-propelled hydrostatic machines of the ILF range,
designed to meet performance and safety needs asked by the industry specialists.

These self-propelled machines stand out for their high versatility and agility while moving,
easily going from a road environment to a more natural one.

The cabins are large and wide to offer a total vision of the working environment,
allowing the operator to focus on the activity with no distractions.

Each machine can be equipped with several telescopic arms, different in length and dimensions,
to which it is possible to attach a professional equipment among the many available in the Energreen range.

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logo ilf aspen - professional cutting machine - energreen professional machines
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logo - ilf kommunal - energreen professional machines
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logo ilf alpha - brushcutter self-propelled machine with multifunction arm - energreen professional machines
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logo - ilf b2000 - energreen professional machines

Professional Equipment

Professional Equipment


It is possible to choose among a wide series of accessories in the Professional Equipment range:
heads, pincers, buckets etc. can satisfy the most different requests advanced by operators.

This group of interchangeable accessories has been designed
to create complete and dynamic working machines,
that can get into action in always different working contexts,
from green maintenance to forestry environment, from winter service to claim activity,
saving time and money.

ilf alpha - mix equipment - multifunction arm - energreen professional machines


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