ilf kommunal - multifunction machine - energreen professional machines
ilf kommunal - multifunction machine - construction site work - energreen professional machines


Energreen ILF KOMMUNAL is designed to be considered as a construction works machine, for excavation and earthmoving able to respond quickly and completely to the frequent restoration or maintenance road works that a municipal authority normally has to face. Thanks to the use of the sturdy front loader equipped with hydraulic quick release and various terminal equipment always with quick coupling, the machine becomes extremely versatile to perform multiple jobs even in the construction sector such as earthmoving, the transport of goods on a pallet, sweeper, etc.

ilf kommunal - multifunction machine - standard bucket and mod 4x1 - energreen professional machines

Standard bucket and mod. 4×1

ilf kommunal - multifunction machine - bucket mixer - energreen professional machines

Mixer bucket for concrete

ilf kommunal - multifunction machine - lifting forks - energreen professional machines

Lifting forks

ilf kommunal - multifunction machine - 3 ponit lifter with pto - energreen professional machines

3-point lifter with PTO

ilf kommunal - multifunction machine - sweeper with side brush - energreen professional machines

Sweeper with side brush

ilf kommunal - multifunction machine - tow kit hydraulic pneumatic breaking - energreen professional machines

Tow Kit with 10 t Hydraulic Brake
or Pneumatic Brake

Hydrostatic Machines

Our hydrostatic self-propelled machines are equipped with sturdy telescopic arms with working distances between 5.5 and 17 meters which can be equipped with various equipment for the road and river green care, the reclamation of green and forest areas, winter roads, earth moving and rail services.


To be able to offer maximum operating performance, we have developed various professional equipment using our many years of experience in this sector.