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Barrier Mower

Energreen RAIBER TRANSFORMER 840 is a hydraulic drive barrier mower, with an independent 1000 rpm PTO (power take off – 540 rpm on request) operated system. The equipment can be attached to the tractor simply with a 3-point hitch, both front and rear, or DIN plate, and can work on both right and left side by simply reversing the cutting discs. Builted on a sturdy tubular frame with a total weight of 1500 kg, it is equipped with two side arms that open up to overcome road guardrails, steel cables and hedges of a maximum height of 170 cm, and is able to cut simultaneously from both sides and underneath the obstacle with a cutting width of about 150 cm.

The great versatility and working speed of the machine partly depend on the possibility of opening the external arm 180°, permitting a fast and easy positioning and, most of all, enabling the machine to continue mowing
with the internal disc while the external one, by lifting up, can pass over road or advertising signs that may be present along the way, while automatically
interrupting the rotation of the blades.