professional equipment - blower - energreen professional machines



The professional hydraulic Blower is a back side equipment for ILF self-propelled machines. This professional tool is used to ensure the proper cleaning of the street edge during the cutting of the grass along the road. The tool is very powerful: speed rotation of the hydraulic motor reaches 2900-3000 rpm, and the air volume is 50 m3/min. The opening dimension is 203×82 mm. Thanks to the 95° rotation, the blower can be oriented in the best way for moving the material at the desired distance. The blower is available with or without parallelogram. The parallelogram allows the folding of the tool while the machine is moving thus reducing at the minimum the vehicle size, while in working activity it allows to put the equipment in different positions. This support is very useful in contexts such as highway where it is important to reduce the size of the machine to avoid safety problems. Blower is a special tool since it always works in combination with another tool like a cutting head or a barrier mower. Thanks to its high performances it is possible to keep the roadside always clean, optimizing working times and waste collection.