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Cutter Mowing Bar
170 – 220 cm

Cutter Mowing Bar is a professional equipment suitable with the range of telescopic arms in the ILF self-propelled hydrostatic machines range. It is used for green maintenance, especially for land reclamation activity such as mowing grass along riverbanks or clearing of ditches. The blade is equipped with tungsten carbide teeth and a plate to attach it at the boom. The bar is available in two sizes depending on the length of the blade: 175 and 235 cm, both with a height of 87 cm. The pressure reaches up to 200 bar for a maximum performance. The perfect “scissors cut” allows a fast-working execution and guarantees a clean cut even on wet surfaces. Particularly appreciated in land reclamation contexts and grass cutting along ditches, it is useful also as a hedge trimmer in narrow areas.