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Ditch Cleaning Bucket
100 – 150 cm

Ditch Bucket is a professional tool designed to manage and clean contexts such as ditches, rivers, and water courses. The main field is the one of land reclamation, but it can also be used in situations like road maintenance where it is necessary to clean ditches along the roadside. This ditch bucket is entirely made of high-strength Hardox 400 steel. On the lateral sides there are hoes that helps the outgoing of the water and so the bucket only collects the waste material. The Ditch Bucket tool is available in two versions of length of 100 and 150 cm with a height of 60 cm. Depending on the length, the load capacity can change: 0,1 m3 in the first case and 0,2 m3 in the second. The tool is excellent to clean small ditches and drainage canals that are usually stuck or blocked because of the vegetation growth. The equipment is available with all the booms of self-propelled machines Energreen ILF. It is applied to the telescopic arm through a special quick attachment plate.