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Forestry Head with fixed teeth
100 – 120 cm

Forestry Head is a professional cutting head, a high-performance equipment, suitable with all the telescopic arm of the ILF range of hydrostatic machines. The tool is perfect for wood and forestry works such as shredding branches or brushes, cutting trees and wooden material up to a diameter of 20 cm. It is available in two different lengths with an interchangeable anvi-blade of 100 and 120 cm. This equipment has a sturdy frame completely made of high-strength steel Strenx 700® that makes it lighter than other material. As a result, the self-propelled machine is more stable even in situations of maximum working distance with telescopic boom.

On the sides, Forestry Head is equipped with 8 cm slides made of wear-proof Hardox 400® steel and a powerful rotor with fixed teeth. Flails are made of tempered steel with a diameter of 40,6 cm and they can be 28 or 32 depending on the length of the head. The rotor reaches 2000 rpm thus allowing the complete shredding of small trees with no problems.

On the back side there is a hydraulic opening which facilitate the ejection of the cut material (vegetation or wood). It is possible to adjust the height of the cut or shredding according to the situation. The hydraulic driven system, through a pistons motor at high pressure and transmission belt with teeth, guarantees an excellent work and the hydraulic valves at maximum pressure protect the hydraulic circuit from shock or accidental hits. As for the cutting head, even the forestry one can be equipped with a 180° rotator unit to boost power and performance. Forestry Head is a professional equipment ideal for cleaning open spaces, creating paths, pruning trees, and keeping the underwood clean.