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Forestry Tree Shears

Extra Trunk pruning pincer is a professional scissor for pruning shrubs and trees with a diameter up to 20 cm. This professional tool is highly mechanized, and it is composed by several elements that make it safe and precise. The pincer is composed by mechanical clamp that are used at first to hook the trunk of the tree. Next, a blade made of Hardox 400 high-strength steel cuts the trunk precisely, with a pressure up to 210 bar. Finally, a tube support helps to safely place the trunk on the ground or on a pick-up, without any risk for people or things. In this way it is easier to pile up plants and trunks that will be then picked up or moved without leaving waste material on the ground. The pincer can be equipped with an extra hydraulic jack (optional) to tilt the tool up to 45° for working on multiple sides. This pruning pincer can be attached to any telescopic arm of ILF self-propelled machines range. Pruning pincer Extra Trunk is particularly suitable for cutting trees and wood cleaning or for green maintenance along the roads.