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Mulcher with conveyor belt
120 – 150 cm

Conveyor Head is a professional cutting head equipped with a conveyor belt for the disposal of the chopped material. The tool is excellent for cutting grass and shrubs but also mulching or shredding small trees. It can cut plants with a diameter up to 20 mm. Entirely made of Domex high strength special steel, it is the result of the experience gained with the New Speed cutting head project. Even this one is available in two sizes of 120 and 150 cm and a height of 66 cm.

Conveyor Head can be equipped with several interchangeable rotors depending on the working environment. There are four different kinds of available knives: articulated flails, multi-Y blades, half-turn flails and forestry hammers. Unlike New Speed, however, its main feature is the presence of this belt which move the waste material externally. The belt is driven by a hydraulic motor with pistons which allows to throw the cut material up to 2 meters long from the passage point.
The engine has a displacement of 44 cc and power of 350 bar.

The support roller allows the regulation of the cutting height in three different sizes to have a multifunction and versatile tool. As for New Speed cutting head, even in this case it is possible to set the 180° rotator unit. When the rotator unit is present the belt direction can be reversed, creating a perfect match and a complete and professional work tool. Even this equipment is suitable with all the telescopic arms of ILF hydrostatic machine range. These features make it the ideal professional equipment for green maintenance along rivers and in land reclamation contexts. Conveyor Head is the ideal tool for grass cutting along canals, riverbanks, rivers, and water zones where the water should flow freely.