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Stump Grinder

Stump Grinder is a professional and powerful tool for agriculture or forestry works to trill trunks or stumps with an oscillating arch movement. Stump grinder is the best solution to remove trunks and their roots in fields, country roads, riverbanks, ditches, and gardens. Roots, indeed, can continue to grow and expand in the underground representing a potential danger. They can compromise the stability of the soil or become potential danger if located in a passage point such as a path or along a roadway. Once it has been trilled, the shredded material can be safely disposed: generally, it is buried, mixed with the soil, burned, or even reused for other purposes.

The stump grinder is built with a high resistant steel frame and the sixteen teeth are made of tungsten carbide, a wear-resistant and long-lasting material. The tool is equipped with a rubber protection against the projections of wood or material. The working depth reaches 1240 mm. In this way, it is possible to trill even the most internal elements of the trunk and easily clean the surface and dispose the material. This professional equipment is suitable with all the powerful machines of ILF Energreen range. When attached to a self-propelled machine, the professional stump grinder has a small size, thus being able to work in different situations that requires tight and precise maneuvers. The tool can chop a trunk with a thickness of 1050 mm in only 45 minutes thanks to a disc of 470 mm in diameter and a working width of 1100 mm. The Stump Grinder is the ideal ally to shred, trill and cut any kind of trunk in agriculture or forestry environment, always professional and powerful.