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Weeding/Mowing Bucket
200 – 250 – 300 cm

River Mowing Bucket is a professional equipment optimized for cleaning and maintenance of ditches, escarpments and canals along riverbanks or roads. The tool is entirely made of high-strength steel Hardox® 450 and is available in three different lengths: 200, 250 and 300 cm. The bucket is attached to the boom through mechanical quick couplings, and it is suitable with all the machine of the ILF range.

The bucket is a very versatile tool and it is equipped with different systems to better adapt to different situations. In the upper part a mechanical tilting system allows the self-levelling, and a hydraulic jack adjust the inclination. The strong tungsten carbide blades are moved by an orbital motor with eccentric motion. The mowing bucket can be entirely submerged in the water for cutting plants and vegetation but also for collecting the waste material. It is the ideal tool for working on blocked canals or ditches, for green maintenance and land reclamation in river zones, along canals and watercourse.