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Self-Propelled Hydrostatic Machines

The range of ILF self-propelled hydrostatic machines has been designed primarily for the professional care of large outdoor spaces, such as cleaning road edges and maintaining water networks or river basin basins.
These Energreen machines are equipped with sturdy telescopic arms with working distances between 5,5 and 17 meters on which it is possible to apply various professional equipment for the care of road and river green, the reclamation of green and forest areas, the winter road, the earth moving and railway services.
ILF hydrostatic self-propelled machines were born trying to introduce an INNOVATIVE WORKING METHOD. This was possible thanks to the methodical and constant attention to the professional user and his needs, offering him a product that can respond in terms of quality, safety, comfort and performance.

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    Safety and Comfort
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    Safety and Comfort

    – Homologated cabin FOPS-ROPS
    – High visibility panoramic windscreen
    – Excellent ergonomics of work
    – Stability control

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    Energreen produces strong telescopic arms with work distances between 5.5 and 17 meters where, in addition to the classic cutting head, it is possible to mount various equipment for green maintenance on roads, rivers green and forest areas, for winter road service, earthmoving and railway services.

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    + Productivity
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    + Productivity

    – Work in both drive directions
    – Maneuverability on all grounds
    – More applicable equipment at the same time

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    – Reinforced frame made of special steel
    – Certified components
    – Powerful and tested engines Tier 4f
    – Hydrostatic HEAVY DUTY transmissions


Self-Propelled Machine
ILF Alpha

ILF Alpha is a professional mower that, thanks to its innovative technological content, offers unprecedented performance, great flexibility and optimum operational safety. The machine is equipped with a telescopic boom on which a variety of devices can be used in addition to the classic mulcher.

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ILF Alpha
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A constantly updated range of remote controlled multi purpose tool machines, designed to offer different solutions and meet different work needs. Equipped with a wide range of equipment specially designed to be applied and managed by these tool-holding machines.


To be able to offer maximum operating performance, we have developed various professional equipment using our many years of experience in this sector.