Mission Energreen

Being the market leader for innovation applied to the world of Green maintenance.

Always design better solutions to enhance the work of our users
and constantly fuel the need to discover and test,
to let our ideas and passions turn true.

We must use each new step forward to set the next one without ever stopping,
because only by feeding the research will we be able to let the dreams come true.

Vision Energreen

Our engineering and construction experience has always been at the service of professionals,
interpreting their needs and offering high working quality.

Machines of undisputed productivity, efficiency and safety
are the keys to better face the highest today environmental challenges.

Create an added value shared with stakeholders,
that gives an ever-higher wellbeing and enhances
the joy of living a passion called work!

Energreen Values

Our values have always been the cornerstone of every single aspect of ENERGREEN
integrated into the management and into all employees.


They represent what we believe in and what we intend to do,
by making tangible facts and effective solutions.
The constructive wisdom, reliability, strength and handling of our machines
born from the DNA of ENERGREEN.


Energreen is a constantly evolving company, founded at the behest of Laserjetgroup at the beginning of the second millennium from an intuition of Ivo and Lino Fraron, brothers and entrepreneurs from Vicenza …

A beautiful story, ours, that is worth reading!

With Us

Energreen offers to the talents concrete professional opportunities. We are looking for people who want to grow with us, oriented towards achieving results and innovative thinking.

If you think we are talking about you, select among our open positions the one that best matches your skills and aspirations.